interior partition wall

We offer Solid Plasterboard Partitions, Fully Demountable Partitions and Protective Glazed Screens; all have their relative merits.

Solid Plasterboard Partitions

Solid Plasterboard Partitions offer what is considered to be a high grade finish once plastered along with the fact that a textured surface can be acheived.

Solid Plasterboard Partitions also offer good sound insulation.

The process of adding Solid Plasterboard Partitions is a longer process than using Fully Demountable Partitions and hence is usually a more expensive option.

Fully Demountable Partitions

Fully Demountable Partitions offers you as a client, flexibility and versatility when planning interior spaces, walls that can quickly be reconfigured means less time and cost when your working environment needs to change.

Here at Norfolk Ceilings & Interiors, we are agents for several partition walling systems, which means we can offer the best possible solution for your individual needs, based on your requirements and budget.

Protective Glazed Screens

Our Protective Glazed Screens can suit any office or workspace layout to provide individual work stations for employees and separate staff from customers or staff from staff. They are quick and easy to install with the minimum of disruption to your working enviroment.

The range of partitioning systems we install caters for every budget and includes:-

Fully Demountable Partitions benefits include:-

office with glass partition wall

Protective Glazed Screens benefits include:-

If you would like to discuss your partition walling project please give us a call on01493 604185, we will be happy to help.