Norfolk Ceilings & Interiors Ltd Terms And Conditions

All quotations that we provide are fixed for the period stated on our quotation and are subject to change after the stated period, which is usually 90 days.

The quotation does not cover for any extra work to be carried out unless prior instruction or agreement is in place by both parties and any additional work will be not carried out until the work has been agreed and confirmed in writing.

Unless the exact measure is quantified at tender stage our estimated measure is provisional and could be subject to a site re-measure on the completion of works and if this is deemed significantly varied may factor in a variation of the original quotation.

All quotations that we provide will not include for the disposal of any waste that may occur throughout the work we carry out.

All quotations are based on normal day time working hours from Monday to Friday unless otherwise stated.

All quotations allow for work up to a maximum height of 3.5 metres from FFL unless agreed at the tender stage.

If day work items are required, our standard day work rate is between £25.00 and £30.00 per hour, this is subject to change due to location, hours of work, and the requirements of the specific job.

We reserve the right to request our works to be signed off on completion and once this has been done, any further damage will have to be negotiated and any repairs would be deemed as additional work and therefore could incur an extra charge.

All goods remain the property of Norfolk Ceilings and Interiors Limited until payment is received in full. Including the supply and Installation of materials and fixings.

All invoices to be settled strictly within 30 days from invoice date unless an alternative date has been agreed by both parties prior to the commencement of the works.

Please make all cheques payable to Norfolk Ceilings and Interiors Ltd, other payment methods are available and would be considered after being discussed and agreed by both parties.

These conditions originated from Norfolk Ceilings and Interiors Ltd on 15thMay 2010 and have most recently been updated on the 28thMay 2018.

By confirming your order with us you agree to the above terms and conditions to be put in place for any work carried out by Norfolk Ceilings and Interiors Ltd.

If there is any dispute with any invoice then we would require your dispute in writing to us within 14 days of the date of the invoice otherwise we would deem our invoice as having been accepted in full.